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Is Gordon Beach Inn Truly Pet-Friendly? An Honest Review of Our Doggie-Friendly Stay

 cozy hotel lobby with a fireplace

Finding Dog Friendly Lodging

Ever since  January, my husband and I have been counting down the days until spring break. This spring break my husband and I wanted to get away, but we didn’t want the stress of going too far away. Also, our dog Ollie hadn’t been on a trip with us yet. We wanted to ease him into traveling with us. Leaving Ollie with a dog sitter was not an option . We both have been working so much, that we wanted to spend

the front entrance to Gordon Beach Inn
Gordon Beach Inn

some time not only with each other but with our doggie too. I started looking up pet friendly places to stay in Michigan and that’s when The Gordon Beach Inn popped up on my screen. I’ll admit, the only reason I picked it was because they can accommodate dogs. Let me tell you though, The Gordon Beach Inn is so much more than a place that will let you keep your dog with you.

The Setting

Gordon Beach Inn is located in Union Pier, Michigan. If you are coming from Chicago/Indiana it is right off 94. Very Convenient. It’s nestled in a quiet little neighborhood. But just a short walk to town. What I noticed was that at any given time of day, people were out walking their dogs. And of course, it's only a short walk from the BEACH!!!! WOOT!!!!  

As we got closer to the inn I could hear the gravel rumbling underneath my tires. It made me feel like I was off the beaten path. We pulled up and a cute unique inn came into view. The place is surrounded by trees, giving it a rlaxing and woods-y feel.

A dog at the beach
Ollie at the beach

Fun Things near by

  • Gordon Beach is only a short walk from the inn and an even shorter drive. The beach was cleann and the water was beautiful.We were lucky because there was harly anyone out there. We got to have lunch in peace, Ollie got to run around the sand without disturbing anyone, and got a break from crowds. If you go in the summer though, be prepared, there will be lots of people.

  • It’s only about 8 minutes from New Buffalo. New Buffalo is a fun beach town with restaurants, shops, and a beach park

  • There are lots of options for trails. A.) Warren Woods State Park B.) Warren Dunes State Park, and

  • C.) Galien River County Park.

  • It is important to note, that Galien River County Park does not allow Dogs. In the summer, many beaches only allow dogs before 10:00am. The Warren Dunes has a specail section of the beach dedicated to dogs. 

The Gordon Beach Inn: Where Paws Meet History

The Gordon Beach Inn has a really special look to it! There is nothing else around it. You will probably like it if you are a fun, adventurous artsy person. it is a historical building. It’s got a little plaque outside to read, for you history buffs. This place has rooms with troves of stories. It was restored to its original 1920s look, and believe me, it has a certain charm. 

a room in a bed and breakfast lodge
Cozy Rustic Rooms

Right away when I entered the doors, I was immediately,  greeted by a little pug and its family! My Ollie took interest in the pug and I’m glad that he was able to make a friend. It was a cozy environment, you could sit back relax, and connect with other dog people.

The front desk people are friendly and are interested in each of the people who come in to stay. 

As we walked to our room, one little thing that, I got excited about was the old fashion door nob with the large keyhole! I'm kind of a history nerd like that. The room was rustic, in a good way. There was this little distressed rocking chair that I just could not get out of. Each room has a private bathroom. 

Since the Gordon Beach in is an old historic place, the walls are thin. Be prepared. You will hear other people and barking dogs. However, every guest is required to respect the nighttime quit hours at the inn.

My dog Ollie, immediately went sniffing around the room with his tail wagging. There was plenty of space in his bed, food, and water bowl. Our room did not have its a fridge so we used a shared one in the basement/ activity room.  The activity room had games, a t.v. , a big table, and lots of seating. The first night we stayed, a nice family was in the activity room with their two dogs. Ollie was super excited to meet some new friends.


A dog in a  hotel room
Ollie ready for a walk

For the dog parents, not all rooms allow dogs only the first-floor rooms so make sure you let them know you need a dog-friendly room when you book. At the end of the hallway, there is a side door guests can use. It's good if you are loud, high energy, or get easily overwhelmed.

The Big Yard

We took Ollie out the side door several times when the lobby had too many dogs there. /which brings me to my next talking point, the yard. I was impressed by how much space the Gordon Beach In has. There is plenty of room for dogs to sniff, play, and potty. There is a fire ring too if you feel s'mores calling your name, or if you just want to hang out by the fire.

Breakfast by the Beach


Now, lets talk about breakfast. Just a short walk from the Gordon Beach Inn is a local bakery called Black Currant. Let me tell you, it’s a bakery after my own heart if I ever saw one. When we walked in we were hit with the smells of cinnamon rolls, chocolate, and coffee! It’s a special bakery because not only is it a mom-and-pop shop it also has lots of special dietary options if you need them. (like me! I need specially made things). You can find gluten-free and also vegan treats.  The Gordon Beach in is a a great option while traveling with your pup.

Overall , the three of us had a fun little get a way. From the unique 1920's vibe, to all the fun dogs we met, to the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan, it was a wonderful experience!

Click the link below to learn more and book your stay!

a scone and coffee by the lake
Breakfast by the Lake

a girl in a hammock petting her dog

Hi! I am Paulie D. from Notes from My Hammock. I write about living authentically, freedom, nature, and mental well being......all with dogs!

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