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Why Empowering Highly Sensitive People Can Make This Holiday Season Brighter and More Meaningful

I wrote this post two years ago on my first blog, before moving over to wix. It’s about how highly sensitive people were so needed for the Holidays, during the covid crisis.It’s at the end of 2023 this post still seems relevant. There are brand new compost piles of crap we got to deal with. Come to think of it, the problems never stop. My post will probably always be needed. Now, everyone is still dealing with inflation and a cost of living crisis. It seems like there is a new war breaking out every weekend, as well as more shootings. There are teacher shortages and nursing shortages, and we are all feeling it! You have probably had to take on more than your fair share of work because of being short-staffed.  Maybe you have been affected by the layoffs and have heard nothing but crickets when you tried to get another position. Whatever the case, you are a compassionate warrior and our world needs you. My goal is to empower highly sensitive people to take their places this year. I believe that we can turn the Holidays

from a time of greed, worry, stress, and competition into a time of connection and peace. Here is my article, let me know what you think!

Girl holding her Dog infant of a fireplace

Back at the beginning of 2020, we had all hoped that all this Covid-19 madness would be over. But here we are at the end of 2021 and we are all still dealing with a lot. There is so much going on, more guidelines, and mandates,  the political climate is toxic and people on either side of any issue are growing frustrated with those on the other side. Now is the time for badass compassionate people to shine like never before. Sensitives, this list I'm about to give you, anyone can do around the holidays and it all might seem cliche. But the sensitives are better at these things than the rest of the population. You were made for such times as these. If anything, do these things for you especially if you are feeling weary of all that has been going on. 

We need your song/art/baking ect.  

People like you see the magic in everyday life. You can romanticize ordinary things like taking out the laundry or getting coffee. People like you are what make the holidays special because you remind people that this time of year can be just as special as when they were kids. If you bake, bake your special cookies and share them. If you spend 90 dollars or more at The Craft Store for  Christmas wreath supplies, do it. Creativity makes us human, it's healthy for us and healthy for our family. If you like to make people laugh buy a bunch of gag gifts this year. If you like to sing or play an instrument do it! It doesn’t matter if you are planning on going on X-factor or not. Making music is deeply rooted in human beings. I came across this quote ``The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sang best." - Henry Van Dyke

 If you have a song to sing, it must be shared with the world. Sensitive people have such a rich way of seeing the world, and our experiences must be shared in the world with so much division and brokenness. 

    I used to know this old lady who grew up during WWII in England. She said that many of the Cockneys would come together and sing and play instruments after the Germans bombed their towns. I hope that story is true because if it is, that is amazing. The world has always had darkness, but it also has people like you. People are full of light. 

two girls making christmas cookies

We need you to appreciate OTHERS   

People are wondering more than ever if they matter. People are wondering if they are seen and heard. With the great resignation going on this year, many people have been leaving their jobs because they are not feeling valued at their jobs. You probably are good at making others feel important. Any employer worth their salt knows that to keep people they need to start treating workers like human beings. Whether you are at work or school, take time to acknowledge people this holiday season.  Ask someone who celebrates a different holiday than you. If someone you know is selling their arts and crafts this year make sure to buy something or at least pass their info along to friends.  Sensitive people love stories behind the things they purchase.  Although we do use Amazon for some things, We tend to love gifts that are not mass-produced.  Gifts that were made by creativity and someone's own two hands. Let’s show that this year by supporting friends/family and small locally owned businesses. They need the support and encouragement. 

Who will adopt the Dogs?

During the Holidays we are constantly bombarded about how we can help those that are less fortunate than us. As highly sensitive people,  we think of animals as well. We sit at our local coffee shop, drinking our peppermint hot chocolate thinking about how many animals will not have a family to celebrate Christmas with. This thought rips our hearts out. We feel for all the animals, but especially for the dogs who are pack animals and suffer greatly without families. Giving an abandoned dog a come for Christmas makes us feel like we are fulfilling our purpose on earth. It's not just about adopting a pet; it's about extending a hand of compassion during a time when warmth and understanding mean the most. 

We need your ability to Build  bridges and hold Boundaries - 

I don’t want to get political in this paragraph. But the reality is all our families have been affected by this virus, CDC guidelines, rules constantly changing, masks no masks, and the VACCINE!!!!!

Girl holding up two  christmas cookies

This division in opinion and circumstances has caused so much stress in families. It has caused stress in my family. Sometimes I am torn within myself, and I don't know what to think anymore. It seems when most people talk about the state of the world it's mostly just to argue and point fingers.  Sadly, There is no listening, no empathy, and whoever does not agree with me is an idiot type of attitude. It's horrifying to watch grown adults resort to bullying and humiliation. The truth is that behind every angry argumentative person is someone that feels powerless and wants to be heard, but that's still no reason to treat others badly. People like you understand that there is always a reason people have the opinion they do.  You do a great job of finding the balance between hearing someone out and protecting the conversation from toxicity. You have a kind listening ear, and take no inflammatory crap at the same time. You are brave enough to set boundaries.  Most people are not strong enough to talk about politics and world events maturely but you can. You have no desire to destroy others but to make connections. You do a great job of creating spaces where ALL people feel welcome, because……………...

People need your grace and kindness 


As a sensitive person, you can probably remember the humiliating feeling of being berated by a person who supposedly loves you. Maybe you overheard “friends” saying bad things about you and it kept you up all night with chest pain. That is why when you see someone else going through the same thing you can quickly empathize. Many of you have vowed to never be that person who needlessly tears a person down. You're tired of the aggressive honking in traffic, you're tired of retail workers in customer service getting yelled at, and you're tired of office or school gossip that crucifies someone's character. After all the world has been through these past few years,  people are weary and burnt out. We are all feeling the effects of this prolonged crisis. The great resignation would not be happening right now if workers were well taken care of. This world requires people whose hearts are full of grace.  This holiday season here in 2021  we need people who will share a meal, share a word of encouragement, invite a lonely student into their friend group, notice the positive in their spouse, and not scream at their kids even though they feel like it, to give grace to the workers who gave them the wrong size fries etc. So get out there and be the awesome empathetic badass that you are!


We Need Your Hospitality 

a coplu exchanging christmas gifts

 In this era of unprecedented global crisis, people more than ever are looking for a home. I'm not talking about just a  physical building. Although with eviction moratoriums expiring this year many are worried about losing their physical homes. I know exactly what that’s like and my heart breaks. That is why, as imperfect as I am at it, I make it a top priority to show hospitality to whoever I can. Friend, you probably have been criticized your whole life for being too sensitive, too quirky, too emotional, and so on. It's funny to me that those same people who criticize you, deep down, need the authenticity you give. Whether people admit it or not, nobody enjoys being upstaged. Nobody enjoys learning that a friend is competing to be better than them, and is secretly happy when they fail. People need warmth. 

People need acceptance. You know others may have lost family members through this crisis and are mindful that this year’s holidays may be painful for them.  

People need a place where they can be themselves free from judgment. They need good cookies, family, and a fireplace. It’s the reason why people will always prefer their “grandma's cookin’” over Gordon Ramsey. Sensitive people are space creators. Their presence is home, and their homes are cozy. 

Let me know, how are you shining this Holiday Season!

girl in a hammock petting her dog

Hi! I am Paulie D. from Notes from My Hammock. I write about living authentically, mindfulness, wellness, self expression and how our Dogs tie in to


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